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Saturday, January 01, 2005
And the total is: 2061
Happy New Years everyone!

I totaled up my mileage for last year with the grand total coming in at 2061.1 miles for the year. That is the most since 1995, which I find amazing. Too bad I am not running very fast!

Annual Miles Run

Last night Fran and I left the kids with KB and headed out for dinner and a movie. Meet the Fokkers was enjoyable. We got home in time to rock in the new year with Ashley Simpson.

That left me dragging in the AM, so I postponned my run. Instead I picked up the kids from KB. Logan had a soccer game at noon. Logan played well; her team lost 4-6.

When we arrived home I headed out for a run. I felt great and got through my 60 minutes loop about five minutes fast. A good sign for 05?



Update Aug 09 - Moved Graph Image from Geocities to Flikr

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