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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Beat the Dookies
The blog is taking a rest due primarily to the preparation required for theBig-Huge-Harry Presentation due next Monday. On top of that I have a second Huge Presentation that I have to do this Friday as well. And of course the first major project milestone is next week. So suffice it to say, things continue to be NUTS at work.

All of those demands resulted in six hours of work last Sunday and a 13 hour day today. Tomorrow I fly to California and I don't get back until Sunday. So it will take something amazing for me to sit down and hammer out a blog entry.

Something amazing just happenned.

Sunday, The Terps got blown out of the water by a not-so-good NC State team in College Park Maryland. If I had had the engergy to Blog, my entry would have written off the Terps chances for an appearance at The Big Dance. On top of that the next game, tonights game, was against #2 ranked and unbeaten DUKE at Durham. Things were looking pretty dismal.

Since I did not leave work until after tip off, I did not flip on the game until there was 2 minutes to go in the half. My expectations were low, after all at this point in the game last Sunday Maryland was down by 28 Friggin points!! Tonight they were down by 4 and playing OK.

Well you can guess the ending, Maryland hung on and handed the Dookies a BIG FAT LOSS! Yea!

This is why NCAA hoops is the Best!

Catamount Note: The Ski Cats won the Bates Winter Carnival.

Talk to you next week.

Unless something comes up that is...

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