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Friday, January 14, 2005
Divine Intervention
Things are getting nuts at work. The QA team has a test phase before testing formally begins. They requested a 'good' build of the software. Builds over the last week had problems. I can not afford to have the engineers pulled from development, so I was hoping for divine intervention.

In the back of our office on a shelf way up high where everyone can see there are four lava lamps. These lamps are connected to our Build Machine. Each night the build Machine cranks out four projects. If the software builds correctly the lamp is lit. If the build fails, the lamp is not lit.

This morning when I walked in the office, the lava lamp for my project was off - just like the past several days. I was depressed before I even got to my office. How could this be? We had been working on the build problems with some of the best minds in business.

As luck would have it, the build engineer checked the build late last night. He then discovered that some of the compile tools on the build machine had been corrupted. He then fixed the broken parts of the build and made those available for install. The QA guys reviewed the build with the patched fixes and proclaimed it ready for testing. It must have been divine intervention!

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