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Saturday, January 15, 2005
Easy Saturday Run
This is supposed to be a rest week for me. As such my long run is 60 rather than 90 minutes. I hooked up with my RP McGehee for a loop from his place this morning. Temps were in the upper 30's with some wind. I had mile splits of 8:11, 7:30, 7:07, 7:10, and 7:04. We ran the last three at 23:03. I got a little stitch on the last two miles and had to slow a bit. I have been fighting a cold all week. I am still coughing and hacking. I really need to take it easy and shake this thing.

On tap for the weekend: fix the back door again; figure our what’s wrong with the Satellite system and get that fixed. I am pretty sure that that mulitswitch is faulty. For $60 bucks I can get a new multiswtich. For $50 I can get the new DirecTv Type III dish with the integrated multiswitch. For $200 I can get a Gainmaster Dish with multiswitch. The gainmaster is supposed to cut down on rain fade. In looking at some of the DBS bulletin boards it seems that the opinion is just go with the Type III dish.

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