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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Off to bed.
A couple quick notes then off to bed for me.

At work I am getting hammered in my project. This is an 800 man day software project that is scheduled to complete the first week of Feb. As if the last weeks of any large project aren't stressfull enough, now I have other departments telling me that I must conduct a big-huge-harry meeting to tell them all about the project. This project has reams of documentation which they can read - but no that ain't enough. Sheesh. (OK I fell a bit better now.)

Lessee what else. Oh yeah - the back door that I 'fixed' on Sunday - still leaks.

And I noticed on the way home that Possum is still squashed in on the side of the road where I left him last week. 7 days and counting.

I did get my circuit workout done at SMU tonight in spite of the rain. So that was a plus. I need to get up early tomorrow to do a loop at Breckinridge at Oh-Dark-Thirty.

And one last note - The Cats beat up Stony Brook tonight. Sorrintine scored 31 while Coppenrath took a breather only scoring 22. Cats are 5 and 0 in the America East. The big challenge is this weekend - BU is coming to the Patrick Gym. Lookout.

OK time for bed.

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