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Saturday, January 22, 2005
Four-Forty-Five AM to be exact. Thats when I headed out to run this morning. Marissa had a soccer game at 7:30am. Fran is the Manager for Marissa's team, so Fran had to go to the game. There was no way I was going to get the other two munchkins up and out of bed and then drag them to the game - so I had to stay home. Because Fran was leaving at 6:30, I needed to head out before 5:00 so that I would be back before she and Marissa left. Side Note: Marissa's team won their game!

The plan for the day was to do my 90 minute loop of Garland's Firewheel Golf Park. Firewheel features 63 holes of golf - which is plenty of terrain for my 90 minute, 12 mile excursion. It was the warmest morning in several weeks, so I was very comfortable in a short sleeve shirt and shorts.

Today's run caps 38 miles so far this week, with 5 miles easy planned tomorrow. The week before last I logged 33 miles for the whole week - which was a planned easy week.

In two weeks I'll start four weeks of Hill Training at Flagpole Hill. My hill training consists of reps on the hill Bounding, Cycling, and Running. Then in between each hill I do a set of 30, 60 and 8 second intervals. Each week increases in number of hill reps and intervals. By week four I will be glad to be done!

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