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Sunday, January 23, 2005
Twenty Five Thousand
As in Miles. Saturday Morning, at approximately 4:52am I was running south on Renner Road fixin' to hang a left on to Brand Rd. which would take me out to FireWheel Golf Park. That's when and where the Hughes Running Odometer flipped Twenty Five Thousand Miles. I've actually run more than 25 thou. as I did not start keeping track until 1992. That said, I've documented Twenty Five Thousand over the last 14 years.

Today was scheduled 40 minutes easy. Marissa decided to come along on her bike, and packed some bread to feed to the ducks that live in Breckinridge park. We only got about 2 minutes out before she complained about the wind being cold on her ears. Shortly thereafter, she decided to bail out, and she turned and headed for home.

The ducks looked pretty hungry when I passed them in the park!

Today's Miles: 5; This Week: 43.5; This Year: 131.3; Since 92: 25016.2!

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