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Saturday, January 08, 2005
Typical Saturday in the Hughes Palace
Coach Vaughan had me down for a 90 minute run this morning which was kind of surprising given that I have not done a run over 60 minutes since mid November. However, I continue to feel good and strong, so I decided to do the 90 and see how I felt.

I headed over to Firewheel Golf Park at around 6:45. Firewheel features 63 holes of golf, and as such it makes a great place to run. It was cold but 10 degrees warmer than Thursday. So that translates to one less layer of clothes! I felt great the whole run, and was dressed just right. HRJan8

When I got home all four girls were still in bed - what a bunch of lazies! I had less than and hour to get Logan ready for her soccer game. I showered, slammed down a couple of double cappuccinos, got Logan fed and then the both us took off for the Blue Sky Soccer Complex.

Logan's team lost 1-5. Logan played well on the field for the first half, and then Coach Don put her in goal for the second half. Logan is a pretty good keeper, but she was not paying much attention two games ago, and got beat badly which shook her confidence. Since that game Logan has insisted that she would not play goalie ever again! Logan gave up three goals, but played really well and made four or five great saves. After the game Coach Don told me that he had told Logan that she had to play goalie and he was going to keep her there no matter how many goals she gave up. I was happy that he took that approach with her, as she really needed that approach to get over the bad game.

Turning to the home front, I have a Toshiba DirecTV HD receiver that is losing it. Fran told me to get a replacement. So on my way home I picked up a Samsung unit at Best Buy. I also suspect that my C-Sat LNB is messed up, so I may need to replace my dish too.

It has been raining all week and the back door is leaking. So I really need to fix that too. I should be doing one of those two jobs instead of screwing around on the Blog!

Speaking of screwing around, I dug out all the old pieces of paper that I used to log my running in 1992. I totaled up the miles from 92 (1258) and added that to the rest of my recorded mileage to get a grand total of 24,884 miles that have been logged. I need to do this for 1991 which will probably come out to 750 miles or so. When I get a chance I'll repost the total miles graph.

My friend the Possum remains smashed on the side of the road. Day 4 and counting.



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