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Sunday, January 16, 2005
Weekend Projects
Today I fixed the Satellite and the back door. I thought that the problem was with the multiswitch on the dish in spite of obvious evidance to the contrary. I went with my feeling and pulled the trigger on a new type III dish. When I read the directions for installing the new dish , it occured to me that maybe the old dish was not dialed in properly.

I spend an hour or so dialing in the old dish - but the results were the same. The mast on the new dish had a cool bubble level on the top of it, so I took the old dish down removing it from the bottom of the mast. Wouldn't you know it, the new mast did not fit the old mounting bracket. So I removed the bracket from the roof, caulked the holes, then bolted the new bracket on the roof. I bolted the new dish together and wired it all up.

Results? Still the same crappy reception. Well that sucked. But I had already bought a new receiver. I disconnected the Toshiba and plugged in the Samsung. When I switched it on and tested the satellite reception I got solid 90's. Perfect! I suppose that the old dish may have been alright, but OTOH it showed some damage from hail and also some corrosion.

I had to contact DirecTV to get the Samsung turned on and the Toshiba turned off. That procedure took two calls and about 3hours of time! Unreal. But it is now all working well. Thank heavens.

The back door is steel with a 6 foot by 2 foot glass insert. The glass is sandwiched in place by two plastic trim units that also hold the insert in the door. This door faces due south and the plastic is no match for the Texas sun. Last week I caulked around the plastic insert. But the water was still getting inside the plastic insert. So this week I took the insert out of the door and took it completely apart. Then I caulked around where the glass fits on the insert. So that is now all together as well. But not yet tested.


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