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Saturday, January 22, 2005
Wrestling with the Blog
Things continue to be crazy at work which has impacted blogging this week. I noticed earlier this week the link on my title bar had stopped working. So this morning I tried to debug that, and finally found a solution. The template had some ItemPage tags surrounding the BlogURL tag. I have no idea what those ItemPage tags are for, but when I removed them (two pairs) everything started to work as I expected it to.

Rod asked me if the Blog had a site feed and what it is. I think this was his way of telling me to put an explicit feed link to the site. Actually I think he also suggested it. I suppose this is a good idea, but since I have gotten used to Firefox it had not occured to me that this was a problem since Firefox detects site feeds automagically! Anyway I have taken Rod's suggestion and added an explicit link the Atom feed. By the way what is the difference between Atom and RSS?

For you Yahooligans out there I also added the 'add to My Yahoo' button for your convenience.
Atom vs. RSS is just a format difference. I think they're both subsets of XML. Most good aggregators (and, in particular, Bloglines) read them both anyways; I think you'd need to be a power user to have a preference. (They have different features at the high end.)

Bloglines will automatically "find" the feed for Blogger users, which is why I never needed to ask for a link to your feed (or JoeB's, Julia's, etc. etc.)
Thanks PJ - I did not think there was much difference. I have been using the aggregator built in to Firefox, The Yahoo aggregator, and also feedreader. I have never had a problem with one format vs another.
I had not been using bloglines, but checked that out today. Pretty cool! So I have also added a Bloglines syndication button to the collection!
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