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Saturday, February 26, 2005
Andromeda 6 - Fire Angels 2
Today Logan's soccer team scored another convincing victory. The Fire Angels are a tough team. Before the game Coach Don was a bit worried. This team beat us during the winter indoor season. But, this outdoor squad is a better squad. Logan is playing phenomenally well. Like last week she had a nice assist today.

Logan gave up one goal as goalie. She was playing too far up in the box and got beat. I advised her to move back as the play came closer to her goal. For the rest of the quarter in her goal she followed my advice and had several great saves.

One of the Fire Angels played on Logan’s team the last several sessions. Halfway through the game her dad came over with his camera. He told me that he was trying to take some pictures of his daughter, Rebecca, but instead came up with a great one of Logan. Sure enough it was a close shot of Logan driving the ball around Rebecca. He promised to email me the photo...(hang on let me check the mail for a sec...nope not here yet.) I'll post the photo when it comes in.


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