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Saturday, February 05, 2005
Do you think I might be a bit TOO competitive??
This past weekend I snapped on my skis for the first time in two years. The company was sponsoring a race at Heavenly. The top 8 spots would represent the company at the celebrity winterfest race in support of the special Olympics of Northern California. In spite of being a bit rusty, I thought there was a reasonable chance that I could make the team. So I signed up!

I arrived at the ski hill in time to get the first tram ride up the mountain. Heavenly is absolutely gorgeous. I hooked up with a guy named John who had a season pass. We did a couple of groomers, but I was bored. I headed to the double blacks.

My first run in Motts was down a gully called “Bill’s”. It was really quite nice. I did a couple of more runs in Motts. I got some freshies in the woods to boot. I discovered that the best snow was all the way at the end of the ridge on the west side of Motts. My last run over there, I fell twice, for the first time. That was the sign I needed to get some lunch.

It was a long flat run back to the California base. I found my teammates and grabbed some lunch. After lunch we headed to the race hill.

It has been at least 20 years since I ran a gate. I took a couple of practice runs, and it felt pretty good. The course was a GS setup. It was a bit icy and there were a couple of big ruts in the middle of the course from whatever racing they were doing in the morning. I ran 27.27 for my first run which was 3 seconds off the pace of the leaders. That time put me right in the middle of the pack as the slowest skiers were running high 30’s. On my second run I tried to keep the skis running more than on the first run. It took a long time for them to announce my time. The called out, “racer 13 31:XX”. Thirty-one? Wow. I was depressed. But then I watched the other racers. The slowest racers and THE GIRLS came through in high 30’s. There was no way I did a 31. I could not stand the thought that those GIRLS beat my time. (This made me realize that no matter how I try to mask it, I really am a bit too competitive!) Anyway, there was only one thing left to do.

I snapped off my skis and stomped up the steps to the scoring table. “Can we help you?” I was trying to find a nice way to say that there was NO WAY IN HELL those girls beat me down the hill. I was having trouble with the words. “Spit it out – what’s up?” So I asked them to check my time for the second run. After a couple of minutes, they acknowledged their mistake. They said that the starter did not realize that number 13 (that’s me) had run a second run. Of course, that begs they question as to why they announced a TIME! They told me that I should go up there are do another run.

I stomped back down steps; snapped on my boards and jumped on the chair for run #2 revisited. I was really jacked up and again tried to keep my skis off edge for most of the run. I posted a 27:07 or so! That was good enough for seven. In fact I was seventh on both runs and seventh combined. I MADE THE A TEAM!

We will take the whole family up to Heavenly for spring break this year and I’ll get to do the race – but next time I’ll have a couple of days to practice! Look out!

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