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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Murphy's Law
Murphy has been screwing with my project. This is not a surprise as today we had a major project milestone scheduled.

The fun started yesterday, when we made our first attempt to build the software. The first build failed with 42 errors! We build the project every night, and it generally works. Occasionally a few errors. NEVER BEFORE do I recall seeing 42 freaking errors.

Just after the build was started, the guy who is in charge of our build automation tells me that he has to leave the office for a while. I am sure it was when he was on the way out, that Murphy snuck into the building.

So once I tracked down Build-Automation-Guy, he tells me that it looks like Gremlins, and we should just restart it. That's it??? Sheesh. OK. So we restated the build process again.

This time it failed with two real errors. Earlier that day, I had told Build-Automation-Guy about a new dependancy in our project and I had asked him to ensure that it was accounted for in the build. So guess what? Basically, it the errors were a result of this dependency not being taken care of in the correct manner.

So we fix that, and pray. This time it works!! Third times a charm right?? Eight hours later we have the build candidate. We still had to validate that this was the build we wanted to fork over for testing.

The results of our testing were not great. Less than half of the tests worked. Most were impeded due to failures related to support of a popular RDBMS. In spite of those shortcomings we passed along this build to QA to validate.

The end of this story will not be completed until tomorrow. I think that the quality team will choose to work with the build, as we made some surgical fixes to improve support on this certain RDBMS.

Regardless of thier decision, my team now is now backlogged for the next week at least. I hope it is only until next week, as next friday is the NEXT MAJOR MILESTONE!!! Sheesh!

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