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Sunday, February 13, 2005
What state is Vermont in anyway?
How many UVM alumni do you suppose its possible to get into a room in Dallas Texas? Until yesterday, I figured a couple maybe as many as five. After all your average Texan doesn't even know what state Vermont is in! That's why I was pretty surprised yesterday when I walked into Christies Sports Bar on McKinney and found like 25 alumni gathered to watch the Catamounts take on BU.

Logan and I had a blast watching the game, even thought the Cats came up short. Coppenwrath scored 37 Points!! So that ends a 15 game winning streak for the Cats, which was the second longest in the country after Illinois. As usual The Terriers have thrown down the gauntlet to let Vermont know that the road to THE BIG DANCE will go through BEANTOWN in the America East Tournement this year!

Well... I'm glad to see my alma mater (Illinois) still the hottest team in the country!
Yes they are for now. ;-)

I'll bet you can get more than 25 Illni alums together in a room in Dallas too!
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