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Monday, March 21, 2005
Breckinridge Park
The City of Richardson has some wonderful photos of Breckinridge Park. Interestingly, they do not include the Coyote that crossed my path there on Saturday morning. Nor do they include photos of Lightning Detection System that scared the beejezus outta me when I was running there this morning. Luckily the Coyote was more scared of me than I of him. And in spite of the horns and flashing lights, the Good Lord decided not to strike me down during my intervals this morning with a bolt of lightning. Although He did determine that a good soaking was in order.

PS: if you follow the link to the Lightning Detection System, you will wind up on the RSA's "Lightening Policy" page. I suppose if you don't follow the Policy, the consequence will be a "Lightening" of ALL of your responsibilities in this world. ;-)

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