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Thursday, March 17, 2005
Logan Cruises the Mountain
Logan first skied at Taos when she was two. I put her on skis, dragged her up the lift and skied her down between my legs. She loved that. She had lessons at Whistler and Blackcomb when she was three and four. We missed skiing last year when she was five.

At Heavenly, Logan started on the Magic Carpet. Her instructor was amazed at that she was able to follow her down the hill making turns the whole way. Logan has very strong legs and good motor control developed from soccer. Logan's instructor our first day was Connie. She wrote:
"Logan is an awesome skier with a great attitude. She progressed very quickly and picked up new skills as if she was born to ski. [ed: of course she was born to ski!] It was a pleasure skiing with her."

Logan was subsequently moved to the "mountain cruisers" class, where she rode the lifts and skied Greens and Blues. On Friday I saw Logan’s class on the Big Dipper (a challenging blue run.) Logan was doing great. I followed them down the East Peak lodge and joined them for lunch.

Saturday Logan's instructor wrote, "Awesome job skiing blue runs and small bumps."

Needless to say Logan had a blast and is ready for more next skiing next year.

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I learned to ski at Heavenly with private lesson over a weekend. I will never forget the instructor. His name was Gary. I took lessons with my future sister in law. He took a look at us and probably figured he was in for a long day of nothing. Anyway, I caught in pretty quickly, my sister in law dropped out after the first hour or two. After that, I tried to ski in NE and I basically stopped after I fell and cut my chin on ice. It's hard to regress to ice when you've been taught to ski in powder! BTW, Logan looks great! Cute cute cute!
Thanks! The instructors at Heavenly were certainly special. Marissa's story, which is coming soon, is really interesting in that regard. I learned to ski in the east on that ICE. The locals at Heavenly were complaining about the ice there this weekend. It was laughable. In Vermont they would call it 'packed powder'! I agree that once you ski the West, its hard to go back east. :-)
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