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Saturday, March 26, 2005
Long Wet Run
Marissa was supposed to play at 0800 this morning in the Spring Classic Soccer Tournament. I had previous plans to run with McGehee at 0630, but I really needed to get out earlier than that in order to make the game. So I canceled the plan with McGehee and instead decided to head out sometime after 5 for a loop through Breckinridge and Firewheel.

I woke up shortly after 5. Lightning was flashing outside as a front was moving through. No problem I thought, the storm will blow through, then I'll head out. At 0530 the storm had cleared, so I got up got dressed, then just for good measure I checked the Dallas Radar (left). There was a nasty storm cell heading straight for my area - probably 45 minutes away. That did not bode well for my planned 90 minute jaunt. So I climbed back into bed and 45 minutes later the storms were indeed raging outside.

Fran was up at 0700 trying to figure out what was going on with the Marissa's Tournament. Soon I got the word that the games were delayed until at least 10. I got up around 0800; it was still raining but soon it stopped again. I went back and checked the radar and it looked like there was a window to get a run in. There was another cell heading our direction, but it looked like it might be 90 minutes away. Around the same time Fran got the word that the games were delayed until noon. Shortly before 0900 I headed out.

It was still drizzling a little bit but not too bad, when I headed out. I hit Breckinridge and was halfway through the park when I heard the north Lightning warning station sound. I was right underneath the south warning station. It never went off. In fact, in the three times that I have heard the north station sound, never has the south station joined in. That makes me wonder if one of them is defective.

Firewheel was apparently closed which made it really nice to run the golf course! About an hour into the run, the rain started to pick up. When I got back to Breckinridge I could hear the damned North lightning alarm. And once more the south alarm was still silent. Then I saw another runner, in fact we had passed each other an hour earlier - Its good to see some other hard-core runners out here. When I finally was able to see the North lightning alarm - I noticed that in spite of the horns, the lights were not flashing. That damn alarm is definitely screwed up!

There was no one from the Spring Classic on the fields at Breckinridge. It was raining hard, and there was LOTS of water on the fields. I knew right then that the tournament would be canceled. Sure enough an hour later we got words to that effect.

It was a good run; I was about a half mile longer for 90 minutes than the last time I ran this loop. I'm three weeks behind in my running logs - but when I get around to dumping my Polar, I'll post the HR profile.

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