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Saturday, March 19, 2005
The Race
The Celebrity Winterfest is the largest fund raising event for the Special Olympics of Northern California and Nevada. As previously noted, I qualified for the BMC 'A' Team after after having not been on skis for two years. Last year this team finished third so the pressure was on to perform.

Each corporate team was consisted of eight team members plus one celebrity and one special olympic athlete. Our celebrity was Mark Moses, from Desparete Housewives. Our athlete was a downs kid named Devin. The race course was in a dual GS setup. Each team member would do one run on each course. The combined times from the first two runs would determine the top four teams, who would qualify for the finals. There would be one run in the finals to determine the top teams. The total team time for each run is the sum of the fastest eight racers. The last two times are thrown out.

I had qualified seventh on my team. The top two skiers on our team are in different league. I had thought with practice I could beat the rest of them. We were the first team down the hill and it was 'icy'. After the first round we were in third, eight seconds out of first and 2 seconds out of second. And, I had the third best time on my team! Yea!

The snow had softened considerably for our second run. We had the second best run on the second run - we were 17/100's behind the Special Olympics Board of Directors team. That also put us in second place over all. We had qualified for the finals!

For the finals we were staged against the Cingular team, who were in third. The racer that I was against had posted a time a full second better than mine on the second run. I let him get out of the gate first, then I focused on running a smooth fast run. About halfway down I realized that he was out in front of me. I was catching up though. I ran the last three gates perfectly and caught him at the line. Awesome!

We had to wait until the celebration dinner to learn who the winning teams were. In third place was Singular. Second place was SONC. Could we have won? Could have the fourth place team moved to first? Naw.... Sure enough we took first!!! :-) :-) :-)

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