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Monday, March 14, 2005
Update on Tahoe and Running
I am back from Vacation. There is a lot to report. So stay tuned this week. Sadly, and predictably I am way behind at work. I had 250 new unread emails when I arrived at work this morning. When I left work this evening, I had carved that number down to 160. So the Blog will be in the background until I get caught up. As I said the wait will be worth it. I have reports on the kids skiing, my race, and other stuff too like MARCH MADNESS!!

So here is a quick running note. While in Tahoe, I managed to run four of the five days there. Not far mind you, but I logged six days running last week, which was excellent. Tonight I reported for duty at Norbuck for a 6x2:30 workout with Coach Vaughan. The rest of the group had the day off because last week was their final hill week. So it was just me and the coach. I had a good effort, and coach had nothing but great things to say. So we will mark that one in the log book and put it in the bank.

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