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Sunday, April 10, 2005
The Anole Lizard
Speaking of native residents of The Hughes Bungalow, the Anole lizards have come out of hibernation. Marissa LOVES Anole Lizards. At any given time she usually has 10 or more of them captured. Every couple of days I free them. It does not take Marissa much time to get them all rounded up again. The photo below is Marissa with 'Sparky'. Sparky was living behind the electrical service box. Sparky also hops like a frog. Marissa is pretty much an expert on the behavior of the Anole Lizard. She tells me that she has NEVER seen one that hops instead of runs. Her theory is that Sparky got zapped in the electrical service.

Logan has never demonstrated a passion for Lizards. Reagan Kelley however seems ready to follow in Marissa's footsteps in this department. This is Reagan holding a baby lizard that Marissa caught. Notice Logan is holding Reagan's hand - not the lizard!

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