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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Blog Flash Back - April 15, 1996
Imagine if you will, 40,000 nut jobs all packed into the very teeny, weeny town of Hopkinton, Mass. It was the start of the 100th running of the Boston Marathon. I had qualified in the Men’s Open Division with a time of 2 hours and 56 minutes at the 94 Dallas White Rock Marathon. My training for the event had been excellent. However, I came down with a cold 9 days before the race.

I felt particularly bad the weekend before the race. I remember having no energy at all during the expo.

The morning of the race, I felt better. It was an amazing scene in Hopkinton. Before the race, I hung out at the Texas House and then just before noon, I climbed into the fourth coral. It took me a minute to get to the starting line. My first mile was 7:25, which was not bad given the number of people and the downhill start. I was actually feeling very good. My cold had broken.

Miles 2-13 were between 6:26 and 6:48. My time at the half was a respectable and somewhat conservative 88:12. At that point fatigue was starting to kick in. Miles 14-18 were 7:01 - 7:25. At 18, in the middle of the Newton Hills I heard nature calling, and pulled off the course. I posted a 10:01 for that mile. I was ok for the next two miles at 7;39 and 7:51 but at mile 21 I was done - toast. I walk-jogged in from there with miles inbetween 10:17 and 12:28. The second half was run in a disappointing 2:00:17.

Given the enormity of the event, there was no way I was NOT going to run it - so given my cold I have to be pleased with the result.

Boston 96 was my 13th and LAST marathon!

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