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Friday, April 15, 2005
Blogitorial - Death and Taxes
I finished my income tax return last night. This item has been causing me stress for the last several weeks. I skipped two runs this week due to scrambling to get the taxes done.

Nothing makes me grouchier than taxes. If you don't believe me, just ask my wife and kids.

Not surprisingly, there are some interesting commentaries around taxes that have been cropping up this week. This blog entry about NFL Players would be funny if it didn't highlight just how out of touch many tax payers are about taxes and their impact on peoples lives and the economy.

On a more serious tone, the Washington Times had a very interesting report on the legislation passed by the House to end the estate tax. They quote Nancy Pelosi as saying, "What Republicans are doing today is putting their hand into that pot [social security] and saying, 'We're taking that money and we're subsidizing the super wealthy.'"


I find her comment bizarre on many levels. The most fundamental objection that I have is the notion that individuals don't own their property. She seems to be suggesting that ANY estate is the property of the Government (or The People, I suppose). And that the act of leaving the estate to its owners is taking that property away from the Government/People and 'subsidizing' those who rightfully own that property.

There is clearly a need for taxation in order to fund the necessary vehicles of the government. It is just plain irresponsible for a leader in the House of Representatives to suggest that private property belongs to the people.

No wonder sending in my taxes every year makes me so cranky.

I hate taxes too. Don't even get me started. People are idiots. Is it any wonder they would elect one of their own? And if you elect enough of them, they make policy decisions that basically turn out to be... idiotic. Go figure.

I hate to tell those people who are griping that they will be affected by the ATM.

And DON"T event get me started on THAT one...
I'm sending in a bigger payment than ever this year... and I didn't even work part of the year! Having just received this news from my tax guy, recovery from depression is my next step (after writing the check). I suppose bad planning on my part is the culprit (my husband's NOT happy).

I will be smarter this year. Really. I mean it.

I've heard Fastow, et. al. (Enron) were just extremely bad businessmen, but I'll bet they've paid less taxes than I have over the last few years. Now that's REALLY depressing!

J -

Totally agree.

> hate to tell those people who are griping
>that they will be affected by the ATM

I assume that you mean AMT which IS an outrage. Of course I suppose you could mean out of control usage of the Automatic Teller Machines. That can be another problem altogether!

JH -

You need to tell your hubby to take a chill pill. First, I am always happier to pay at the end of the year, as hard as that is, because I don't like giving the government interest free loans! Second and more important, if you did not work part of the year, then it may be your hubby and not you who is at fault for the unanticipated taxes. You've heard of the marriage penalty no doubt. It sounds to me like it has slapped you with a violation. Go to and pop in the numbers for your income only as if you were single. Take your portion of the deductions and pop those in there too. My guess is that you would pay less single, than married. If true, its hubby's income that has thrust you into a higher bracket.
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