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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
First Track Workout
I'm just back from the SMU track. The plan was for 4x1000 at faster than 5K pace but slower than 1500 pace. According to Coach Vaughan that worked out to an 81-82 pace per lap with five minutes rest. There was a big south wind which I had to my back from 100-300 but in my face big time on return.


40.0, 80.8, 2:01.6, 2:43.5, 3:22.3 Max HR 193
40.3, 80.7, 2:01.0, 2:42.2, 3:22.3 Max HR 195

Now that’s a nice set! I took my spikes off for the next two and went with the flats.

40.4, 81.5, 2:02.7, 2:45.1, 3:25.1 Max HR 194

OK now fatigue was setting in. Last one coming up. As coach says, "anyone can do one more."

40.1 Well, right then I started to feel a twinge in one calf then the other, as I was coming around the 300 my right calf started to cramp. I had to slow and then of course it was clear that I needed to stop.

So, not bad for a first track session. Coach Vaughan's analysis was that I was not used to the heat and humidity and was sweating more than usual. Anyway that was one tough workout so I am glad it’s in the bank! Here is the HR profile:

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