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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Hurry up and wait....
It seems like the motto for my day today is, "Hurry up and wait".

I fired up the build machine this morning so that I could get a fresh build of our project that included last night’s updates from my team in Pune, India. After the build finished, Build Automation Guy told me that he had been working on some changes with our database developers and that the build would probably not install correctly. So we started the build machine again.

The next build failed to compile. So we got that fixed and now I am waiting on the next build to compile.

Recently I updated my testing machine too. I added a faster drive, installed VMware Workstation 5 (in Beta), and started using Windows 2003 Server with Oracle as my primary test environment. Well it appears that VMware hosting Windows 2003 Server is about the slowest thing known to mankind.

Between these two issues, it feels like I am swimming in molasses!

Huh. Well. That's good to know about VMWare. Jeeeeez.
Yeah - I am tuning it a bit. One of my guys installed Linux as his host OS and reported that worked much better. My results have improved too with some tweaking various things - turning off unneeded services and such.
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