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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Logan Scores
Before I go into today's game, allow me to bring y'all up to speed on the soccer front. Two weeks ago Logan's team played their arch rival team, Force Academy. It was a horrific game from our point of view. We got shutout seven goals to none. Last week they played the Celtics and the team played much, much better in a losing effort: 4 goals to 2. In goal Logan gave up one goal against the Celtics and two goals against Force. On the field Logan had some moments of brilliance. Against the Celtics Logan was playing defender, when one of her team mates passed the ball across the defensive side of the field. No players from either team were anywhere nearby. Starting from the goal, Logan beat a Celtic player in running down the ball and keeping it in play. Then she beat that Celtic player again, and drove the ball all the way to the front of their goal!

Before today's game, we got word that Natalie was sick and would not be able to play. Natalie is the leading scorer on the team this season. I pointed out to Logan, that other players like her would need to kick it up a notch to replace Natalie. Logan told me that there was no way that she could do what Natalie does, that she would NEVER score a goal, Blah, Blah, Blah, Yada, Yada, Yada. Marissa pointed out that when Cheyenne left the Red Hots that Cheyenne was the leading scorer on that team and that Marissa had never scored before Cheyenne left. She told Logan how she stepped in and became the leading scorer for the Red Hots that season. Of course Logan just rolled her eyes at both of us. However, when we got to the field to play the Blue Lightning Logan ran over to Coach Don and told him that she was going to fill in for Natalie today!

The Lightning was unable to field a team, so they forfeited the game and we scrimmaged against them instead. On the field Logan was all over the place. Coach Don had to keep reminding her where she should be playing. Then on one play in the third quarter, Morgan drove the ball right in front of the goal. Logan was finally in the correct position on the wing. Morgan passed the ball to Logan and Logan fired the shot for the goal!

Logan played the last quarter in goal and allowed nothing to get by her.

A very interesting day for Miss Logan! And in other developments, she has an indoor game tomorrow and then her final outdoor game of the season on Monday.

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