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Sunday, April 10, 2005
A New Apartment Complex
As some of you may know, I occasionally dabble in real-estate. Friday Fran bought me a new apartment complex as an early birthday present! It's an interesting arrangement in that the tenants will not pay rent. Instead they are obligated to work around the house, primarily in the pest control area. In spite of their indentured servitude, they are a happy lot and tend to break out in song with little warning or notice like Snow White's Dwarves. By now, I hope that you have guessed that my present was a Martin House, home to the notorious Purple Martin.

ApartmentComplexYesterday I dug a hole in the back yard and then cemented in an anchor for the pole. Today I hoisted the house up on the pole. Within an hour the Martins had taken over! Amazing! Photo Left.

The Martins are actually taking over for the Mosquito Magnet that we purchased a couple of years ago. The Mosquito Magnet is really a wonderful machine. It kills Mosquitoes and only Mosquitoes. But it is hideously ugly (right), a bit noisy, it requires monthly trips to the store to change out the propane tanks, it requires electricity as such it is tethered to a long cord which is always in the way, and it does not break out in song.

StumpyWe do have one resident who is not pleased about the addition of the apartment complex. Stompy the cat (left) has made it known that birds in general are not to be encouraged or tolerated in any way shape or form. Here she is keeping an eye on the evil birds. Yesterday she got so mad at the birds that she tried to jump through this very same closed window!

Update May 20-2007 - Fixed some of the photos.


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