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Monday, April 04, 2005
Report from St. Louis

What a pair of exciting games!!!

The first thing that I noticed when I got inside the stadium was a preponderance of ORANGE. It had not occurred to me before that time that the University of Illinois is a relatively short distance from St Louis. Louisville didn't stand a chance with regard to fan support. It simply was not fair.

It was also apparent that the Michigan State section was lacking an appropriate number of supporters. But wait, after the first game half the stadium switch colors from orange to green. IT WAS A BIG TEN conspiracy!!

For the second game we improved our seats dramatically. We were surrounded by Illini fans most of whom showed us both their green and orange shirts. They explained that before the game there was a plan put together to support both teams. They pointed out that the Illini band played the Michigan State fight song during the first game. Well, as you know, Michigan State needed all the help that they could get. The Illini support may have helped during the first half of the Carolina game where both the team and the Carolina fans were sleeping. But nothing could overcome Coach Williams hysterics in terms of getting the Carolina players fired up.

The scene in downtown St Louis post game was amazing. Everyone was well behaved. The streets were flooded with Illini fans dressed in Orange. It was a great party.

On my flight home I sat across the aisle from Gil Brandt and his son, who was wearing a Carolina hat. I asked Gil about what he thought about Carolina and Coach Williams. His replied with a question, "wasn't this the same team that only scored 8 wins?" Gil knows a bit more about sports than simply football!!

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