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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Second Track Session
Last week I nearly killed myself with the 4x1000 workout.

Monday I did 6x3:00 intervals on the grass with HR maxing out at 171, 179, 179, 182, 186, and 188. Its a nice looking chart, I'll have to post it.

Tonight I hit the track for 6x400. Looking in my logs for the last two years, I had been running these around 73-75. Coach Vaughan suggested 72 or better. I just can't seem to satisfy this man!

So here are the results:

72.0 (Ya gotta love this - he sez do 72 and I do exactly 72 flat) HR 190
71.4 HR 190
70.8 HR 194
72.0 HR 195

Now at this point Coach Vaughan asked me if I wanted to stop, to which I replied "Hell No".

71.9 HR 194
72.5 HR 195

Then I staggered up the bleachers and Coach Vaughan points out how lap 3 killed me. Like I didn't already figure that out! :-) :-)

Anyway we will put this one in the bank as a success. It is less than three weeks until the first TRACK MEET! YIKES!

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