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Saturday, April 09, 2005
SyncMaster 213T
As I mentioned earlier this week, my trusty old ViewSonic 19" Flat screen CRT bit the big one. So today I went down to Fry's and pulled the trigger on the Samsung Flat Panel Display. I have had it running for all of 20 minutes as I tap out this note. PC Magazine rated this model very highly. The cats down at Fry's told me that this is one of the best selling models in the store. It certainly is extremely sharp and the display is HUGE, yet this thing is so small compared to my old tube. And it does not throw off any heat either. Five Stars, Joe Bob says check it out!

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We have one of those gigantic old ones that we need to replace. Nothing wrong with it. Just too darn big for our tiny little home. This is someone we might as well look at since you went ahead and tested it all out for us! Thanks!
You can't go wrong with this one. It is SOOO much better than that old huge, hot tube. FWIW, I looked at the Sony's and the Viewsonic panels too. This Samsung was clearly better than the Sony 20" which was selling for the same price. The Viewsonic 21" has a buncha additional features and was priced lower. But - I have had problems with two Viewsonic Tubes. McGehee has had a 19" Samsung Panel for three years, with no problems. So that's some additional Data. Also I failed to mention this, but the panel rotates. You can use it either portrait or landscape. Now that's REALLY cool!
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