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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Weekend Highlights
I can't believe the weekend is over, probably because I am completely worn out.

Friday, I stayed at work until very late. I had an RFQ that I have been working on for weeks. Thankfully, I got that out the door. Unfortunately I got home after midnight and was up at 6:30 to run with McGehee.

Saturday morning was nice and cool, but there was a strong west wind. McGehee and I hammered his 12 mile loop and McGehee didn't even have to go to the hospital. This was the last long run of the season. From now until the end of July it will be Saturday Morning on the track at SMU.

I got home, had some very nice Community Coffee with Chicory, which my Dad had sent me for my birthday. We then headed to Joe's Crab Shack to meet Fran, her parents, her buddy KB, KB's daughter (who’s birthday is the day before mine,) and KB's Grandson. At Joe's I ran into a former Micrografx coworker of mine, coincidentally named Joe.

Then I headed to the rent house. Two couples came by to see it. Plus I mowed, spread some fertilizer, and watered the lawn.

I hurried home, because Fran and I were going down to meet another former Micrografx colleague for dinner. But first we had to pack up the kids and drop them over at KB’s house. KB also asked me to fix her DVD player, as her grandson had flipped the progressive scan switch on the back of the unit which rendered it useless in playing DVD's on her TV. Of course it took me a while to debug and fix that problem.

Paolo had flown in from Italy, for a visit. We met him for dinner at Arcodoro Pomodoro a phenomenal Sicilian restaurant here in Dallas. I had a wonderful Linguini with Clams. Superb. Post dinner we had a few cocktails at the Hardrock then it was back to KB's to pick up the kids and get them in bed.

That was an exhausting Saturday.

Sunday, Marissa was up early, as she had a game in Southlake, which her team won. Fran left me on my own to deal with Reagan and Logan. Both got up late. Logan had a game at 1:30. We hung out and took easy until then. It was tough, but I did finally manage to get them both dressed, get their hair up and get them out the door to the game.

Logan's team played to a 2-2 tie, with goals by Amanda and Natalie. Logan played defense in the first half superbly. She also played an inspired final 10 minutes at mid. Meanwhile Reagan had conned Amanda's older sister to buy her a bunch of junk out of the vending machines at the soccer complex. I had snack duty for the game, so I had hauled all the team snacks in there, and what was left out of there too.

While at dinner on Saturday, Laci had called about seeing the rent house on Sunday. I had called her back and offered to show it to her after the game, but she never returned my call. Sheesh! So Logan, Reagan and I headed back home.

Fran and Marissa had come and went. Dang. I needed to get my run in. So I plopped Reagan in the stroller, and Logan on her bike and we all headed to the park. I managed to get five miles in capping off a 49.5 mile week. Yea! Logan was really tired from her game and doing five more miles on the bike was really pushing it for a 6 year old. But she did great.

So that was the weekend. There was so much that did not get done: Change the oil in both trucks, fix our shower which has some cracked grout, shampoo the carpet in the rent house. You get the idea. But frankly there is no time! I need to work on this one.

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