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Monday, May 30, 2005
Clutter Reduction
The theme for our Memorial Day Weekend was how to reduce clutter. Saturday morning I challenged the girls to find five things in their rooms that they did not need anymore. I was happy with this small achievement. Then Fran went nuts. She cleaned each of the girls rooms, plus much of the other parts of the house. We wound up with four or five garbage bags of trash, plus four or give large garbage bags of stuff for the goodwill.

In this I realized that I have way too much old computer stuff. I think that I have eight PC's that I am not using. Yeah Eight! There is an IBM PC, yes the original 8088, and its brother the IBM XT! I can't part with either one of those. Then there are two 386's, and a compaq 486/25. Those are in my garage. In the attic there is a cyrix 166, a P2 500, and one other box. On top of all of these machines, I have monitors out the wazoo that need to be disposed of. There is the Viewsonic that i replaced with the Samsung Syncmaster. Then there is an old CGA monitor to go with the IBM XT. There is a DEC (yes Digital Equiptment Corp) VGA monitor that went with an old DEC 386-16 I once owned.

I don't want to heave this stuff into the dump. It seems that the City of Plano has an electronics recycling day on the 3rd saturday of the month. So I guess I will try to do that in June!

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