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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Five Laps
My last 2000 was a tune up just before the Rudolph Run. For that run on Dec 1, I posted a 7:00.5.

So my goal today was to run at 7:00 pace (84 per lap) and see how that felt. Looking back in my log book, Coach Vaughan has given me several of these early season 2000s and I always seem to go out too fast and then cave in the middle. As I headed to the track I decided that I was not to repeat that mistake again.

There was a terrible north wind at the track which I was going to have to deal with on the back stretch. After I completed my warm up, I was ready. I signaled to Coach Vaughan that I was ready, then I took off. I tried to run relaxed on the first lap, and once I was out of the wind, to run strong and relaxed. Coach Vaughan called the first split at 83.6. Perfect. For the second lap, I tried to pick up the effort a bit. Coach Vaughan called 2:47.1. It took me a second to remember that was still faster than target pace. Good. More effort for the third lap – the wind was hard and tiring. I came through 1200 in 4:11.8, which was still below target pace. I remember getting to the 1400 mark and thinking 600 to go. I came through the 1600 5:36.9. Yikes slightly over pace now. I knew I could break seven, one lap to go. The wind on the last lap seemed over powering. Or was I just that tired? At the 200, as I turned out of the wind, I poured it on. Down the home stretch, I really pushed hard, lengthening my stride and working on my turnover. When I hit the line I listened intently was it going to be 6:50 something or 7:00 something. All I heard was one word from Coach Vaughan – Sandbagger.

Oh crap. So I looked at my watch, and the split was 6:58.7.

After I caught my breath I climbed up the stands. Coach Vaughan proclaimed that I was the sandbagger for the day. I reviewed my 200 splits. I started out with 41’s and slipped to 42’s, the slowest one was 42.9. I had a 42.x on the penultimate 200, and then I finished with a 39.x – which is what earned that sandbagger award.

The splits on my watch were: 83.6, 83.5, 84.7, 85.1, 81.8. I have to agree that looks like I had a bit too much gas left in the tank. Still even with that, I was 2 seconds better than December – so that is nice too see.

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