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Saturday, May 28, 2005
Four by Four Hundred
That's what I had today in preperation for my 800 next Tuesday. Coach Vaughan told me to run them slightly slower than 800 pace. Since I ran my last 800 in 2:24, he suggested that meant 73 pace. No problem. Then coach told me pointedly, don't go and run 65 on the first one and then 73 on the last one. Run 73 on the first one and then pick it up if you can. 10-4.

So I hit the track with a pretty fast turnover. I was against the wind for the first 200, and when I came through the 300 I knew I was faster than 73, so I tried to keep the pace with my turnover, but relax just a bit. I hit the line in 70.7. That felt right to me. I did a two lap jog between 400s. The next one's were 69.0; 69.3 and 68.3. That's a nice set and I got no grief from the coach. The plan for tuesday is to come through in 70 and hold on for 72.

Now while I was running these reps, Erin Aldrich turned up at the track! Erin placed fourth in the Olympic Trials last year after making the team in 2000. She is working on making the US Team and going to Helsinki. Erin's grandfather was the first overall pick in the NFL draft in 1939! How about that for some althletic genes.

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