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Saturday, May 28, 2005
Real Estate Empire
As previously noted, I have a rental property as well as rent contolled aparment complex. Early this month I leased the Carrollton House which is always a relief. The interest in the house was very strong in spite of weak marketing efforts on my part. For most of April, I simply had a sign out in front of the house, which is on an road which only services those who live on it. In otherwords you have to either be lost or go way out of your way to even drive by the house. In spite of that I recieved numerous calls. I posted the house on Rent Clicks for only a week or two, and by that time I had my tenants pretty much locked in.

As soon as it became clear that I had a tenant, I then needed to do some work on the house! So I had to scramble to get the carpets cleaned; bathrooms cleaned; landscaped kicked up a notch - stuff like that. Of course I had no available time, except Blog time that is....

Anyway that house is now clean and rented, and that's some good news!

As to my rent controlled bird house - there is news to report there too. There are three pairs of Martins nesting in the facility. The Martins are great. They sing and whistle and they fly like little F16 fighter jets. Very cool to watch and have around. The house went up late in the season, so I feel luck to have them. There are also two pairs of sparrows that have moved in as well. The Martins seem to be tolerating them - so I have not posted eviction notices although it is recommended that the sparrows be kicked out.

I should also note here, that I have a Dove nesting in one of my Bur Oaks in the back yard. We have had Doves nesting around the house for years, but this Dove is nesting in a branch of the oak that hangs across the drive. I went out there to prune the branch before I realized that she had set up home there. So we have had to drive around her. She had two chicks in the nest, but one has died. I'll see if I can get a photo of the remaining chick.

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