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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
The 800 Part 2
As previously noted the plan was to run 2:22. Last night my legs felt pretty dead during warm-ups and strides. I got in a heat where all the liars claimed to run faster than 2:20. So I was a bit concerned that I might finish Dead Ass Last. I choose lane five and when the gun went off, I just tried to maintain a quick turnover. At the 200 I was in second position and coming off the break I was sitting on number ones shoulder. I was moving just a tad faster than he, but not fast enough to gain clear advantage. I had to decide to run the turn on the outside of the lane, slow a bit and drop behind him or pass. I decided to pass and when I did it felt so good I decided, what the hell, and I dropped the hammer. I was all alone when I came through 400 in 68.05. That was a much faster than plan, so I tried to relax a bit. Coming off the third turn I could that the others were catching up. I could feel my shoulders tense up at 500 - not a good sign. I focused on turnover and was still in the lead at 600. With 80 to go the first guy moved by, I tried to pick it up but I had nothing. The next guy came. I think I was third, but it was pretty close. I finished in 2:22.04 with the last lap 73.99. Coach Vaughan said that I should be able to run 69, 71. Anyway you slice it, it was still an improvement from week one!

Update June 10: I finally checked the posted results and I was fifth master, which has been true for each race that I have run this spring!

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