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Sunday, July 03, 2005
Marissa cut from Genesis
The skies were clear and the sun was out. In short it was blazing hot on the soccer pitch today. Marissa's first tryout today was with Genesis. She was out in the sun for two hours at the end of which she was cut for the last spot on that team in favor of a girl twice her size and half her skill. Marissa, who is not the least bit egotistical, could not believe it. She told me that she was a better player than most of the girls on that team - which is actually true.

From there, we drove across town to the Dallas Texans practice, where I met Joe Lawson for the first time. It turns out there are two girls on the squad that Marissa already knows (she knew no one on the Genesis team.) The parents are super. The coach seems great. This really feels like the right place for Marissa. She was invited back for practice Tuesday which is when they will make a decision. I hope she gets a spot there. Marissa played for an hour with those girls - so three hours out in the sun for her. That's a bunch.

After practice, her Longhorns coach, called and directed us to Everton. They have openings on thier second team. Just in case, we will go check that out tomorrow.

Logan's coach knows the Everton staff pretty well, so I called him up to see what was going on there. He recommended Rod, Everton's coach so that's a good sign. He also directed me to FC Dallas. Marissa used to play for FC Dallas, so we know that situation. Fran is not that keen on the club, but I have to say that I like their founder and president, Tony Bily, who would be the coach of that group.

Contract signing Day is July 10. I will be glad when we get this settled.

Bummer about Genesis but at least Marissa has some options.

Okay. Excuse my ignorance. I don't understand why she has to sign a contract at her age. Is it that competitive?

I guess soccer has come a long long way since I was kid. LOL!
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