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Monday, July 04, 2005
Marissa gets a contract!
This just in, Marissa has recieved a contract with the Everton White Team. I think Fran and I both have a preference for Marissa to sign with the Texans. But, they must offer her a contract first! Marissa however, wants to play for Everton. She loves the coach and she really likes the players. This team does not look to be as strong as the Texans Club, however. I love seeing Marissa fired up about the team, though!

So plan B is complete. Plan C is out the window. Now we just need to see if Plan A is going to fall into place. Unless, Marissa convinces Fran and I that Plan B should be Plan A!

Wow. Congratulations to both of you! Mia Hamm had better watch out! :o)) Can't wait to see how she does. I think if this is the team Marissa like, then it's the right team for her! Tell her that Joe and Julia said "congrats!"
Will Do!

Yeah with all the nuttyness around the teams and contracts, finding a place where the kid is happy is certainly a priorty!
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