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Sunday, July 03, 2005
Marrissa's Soccer Tryouts
July 10 is competitive soccer signing day. Marissa has been attending tryouts for two teams: Longhorns and Genesis. The Longhorns do not look like they will be able to make a team. We had missed the first day of Genesis tryouts, while we were are at Longhorns. That was a mistake as they gave away 15 contracts. Yesterday, day two, Coach Rollin told me that he kept one contract for Marissa, but there were three other kids who were going to compete for it. He seemed perturbed that we missed the first day of tryouts. He said that he would make a decision today. Based on that Fran talked to a Coach and Manager for the Dallas Texans White Team. They have 10 girls - so Marissa will go there if she does not get a contract with Genesis.

(Update 8/1/06: Corrected a typo)

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