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Friday, July 22, 2005
A spring and a rubber band
When I awoke this morning my jaw was incredibly sore. The Torture Wire was working. I dragged my butt out of bed and found some advil. Then I got a nice glass of ice cold water. The wire is heat reactive. Cold water causes the wire to contract and provide RELIEF! Sadly my body also requires caffine. And then as I fired up the espresso machine - Bam! A bracket had broken which of course released much of the tension on the wire. Thank you lord!

Dr B is only open from 8 until 11 on Fridays. So I called them and they asked me to come in. When I arrived. Dr. B told me that he was surprised that the bracket had not popped yesterday. I gotta wonder why they even sent me off. Apparently he had already determined plan B. Plan B is a spring and a rubber band.

Instead of placing a bracket on my twisted, problematic tooth, he put a spring on the Torture Wire which is aligned between the brackets on either side of the problematic tooth. Then they tied a rubber band around the problem tooth and tied it to the Torture Wire.

So without the problem bracket, the tension is way less. But my jaw is still incredibly sore.

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