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Thursday, July 21, 2005
The Torture Wire
So sometime last fall I noticed that my lower incisor was getting a bit sore. It had become visibly damaged. The upper incisor has a crown and the lower had slowly been banging up against he back of the crown. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Chuck, my procedure happy Dentist.

Dr. Chuck said, "Chris, do you know how to solve this problem?"

I thought, well if I KNEW how to solve the problem I sure as heck would not be here!

Chuck continued to tell me that I needed BRACES. Sheesh, unbelievable.

So off I went to Dr. B, the Orthodontist. Dr. B sez, "Well ya see at your age your overbite should be 30% and you are at 80%" (or something like that.) He asked if I grind or clench my teeth when I sleep. Well how the heck would I know that?? After all, I'M SLEEPING!!! For crying out loud...

So, anyway, last November Dr. B wired up all my teeth. He also stuck this thing called a "Bitewing" on the back of one of my incisors so that I can't close my jaw all the way shut. Lovely.

Initially the braces were kind of a pain in the neck, but I got used to them pretty quickly. Although, flossing is a real PIA.

Then last March, I went in for a wire change. The tech could barely get this thing on my teeth. The very next day, we flew out to Lake Tahoe for spring break. As I left the house that morning for the airport I felt something pop in my mouth. Not one, but two brackets had literally popped right off their teeth! When I went in to see Dr. B I told them what happened but they accused me of eating prohibited foods. No really, they just popped right off the teeth. Yeah right. Sheesh. So they reluctantly put on a lighter wire after they reinstalled the broken brackets.

Well, today was the day for the lighter wire to be removed, and the torture wire was reinstalled. Like last time, the tech fought tooth and nail (yuch, yuch) to get that dang wire installed. It actually took two of them working together to get the thing locked in today. After they were done with that, they put a chain across some of my upper teeth. I was done. And as I got up out of the chair - POW! I smiled. One of those brackets had popped off. The techs were amazed! They told me that they had never seen that happen before.


Of course its a hollow victory, as they glued that bracket back in and now as I sit here and tap out this missive, my poor teeth are VERY sore. :-(

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