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Saturday, July 09, 2005
The Tour Day Eight
Today was the start of the second week. In the first week we had two time trials and five flat stages that were dominated by the sprinters. Today's event featured the first hard climb of the tour.

For the first time in years, Lance's team was not by his side to cover the attacks that came on the climb. T-Mobile used this to their advantage by staging attack after attack. Lance covered all of Vino's moves but let Kloden go. As a result Kloden broke away and finished second and made a nice move up the GC. CSC was also strong on the climb and the finish. This means one of two things for Discovery. Either the team is not as strong as they had hoped and therefore Lance will have to do it solo, which will be nearly impossible. Or the team did not get their bikes set up properly and they will regroup and demonstrate the teamsmanship that they showed last year and they will win the tour.

How about that finish? .0002 Second advantage. Wow. Pieter Weening attacked Kloden at the finish. Very Exciting.

Popovych lost the white jersey to Karpets. That's probably a relief for Discovery, as they can better concentrate on winning the yellow. It should also bring Illes Balears to the front of the pack - which will in turn help Discovery.

The tour claimed five riders today, and eight have withdrawn to date. Sadly Christophe Mengin, the hero of Stage 6 was unable to start today.

15 Days to go. Things are getting VERY interesting.

I felt so bad for Mangin. He deserved a better fate. Great stage today, I almost think that Discovery planned today's fall back to set up .
> I almost think that Discovery planned today's fall back to set up

Hmmm...I hope they ride as a team today!
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