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Saturday, July 16, 2005
The Tour Day Fifteen
I flew back to Dallas last night arriving home after 10pm very exhausted. This morning, Logan woke me up with the announcement that the Tour De France was on TV and I had better get up to watch it. I sure felt like sleeping in. And the Tivo was making sure that I would not miss a beat. But in the end there was no way that Logan was going to leave me alone. And good thing too - the climb in the Pyrenees broke the field wide open!

Georg Totschnig broke away with a group at 10K and was the only one to survive picking up the win for Gerolsteiner. Their group was up by more than 10 minutes, but Georg finished only 56 seconds ahead of Lance.

T-Mobile staged a series of attacks on the first big climb which left Lance alone. Could the loss of Triki from team be coming in to play? But in the end Lance was able to cover or recover from all the attacks on the penultimate climb. One the final climb, however, it came down to Basso, Ulrich and Lance. Ulrich dropped before the top. Then Lance sprinted away from Basso at the finish. Rasmussen was a minute behind Lance. So for the first time, Lance has put time against his main competitors. And we have reaffirmed that the only two who can hang on the tough climbs are Basso and Ulrich.

Tomorrow is the most difficult day of the tour. Unlike today, Discovery will need to be able to work with Lance.

Gerben L֖WIK abandoned the race today, the 29th casualty.

Thank heavens for Tivo! Today I was able to review all 20 hours of racing from last week!

Eight Days to go!

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