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Sunday, July 10, 2005
The Tour Day Nine
Michael Rasmussen had a spectacular day, leading the tour from start to finish. Rasmussen, who grabbed the Polka Dot Jersey yesterday, picked up all of the climb points today as well. Voigt and Moreau staged a great chase and left Discovery and T-Mobile behind. Voigt and CSC seized the yellow jersey - which is probably a relief for Discovery. Moreau is now second in the GC. LA is third. And Rassmussen is fourth.

Discovery stayed together with T-Mobile as well. Discovery stayed in the front of the Peloton. Unlike yesterday, T-Mobile did not attack. I think both teams were taking somewhat of rest day. Tomorrow is a day off followed by three very hard days in the alps.

It continues to be VERY interesting. Rasmussen looks very strong. Could he surprise everyone in the alps and capture Yellow? Have Discovery and T-Mobile underestimated CSC and Voigt. Both scenarios are possible. Or will the past years events play out and the battle will fall to Lance and his Discovery Team verses Ulrich and the boys from T-Mobile? I think that latter is most likely.

The Tour claimed five more riders today. That's fourteen out of the race total. Very Sadly, only the third American to ever where yellow, David Zabriski, hero of the first three stages, withdrew. He was DAL yesterday and he seemed never to recover from his crash in the TTT.

In three hours I will be sitting on a plane on my way to California where I will be all next week. I will be without my Tivo and possibly without OLN. So my reporting will likely suffer.

Fifteen days to go!

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