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Sunday, July 17, 2005
The Tour Day Sixteen
Today was the hardest day of the tour. Team Discovery answered with the most impressive performance of this years event. George went with the early break as a tactic to put a Discovery rider ahead of Lance. That tactic assumed that Lance would pull in the break. However, Team Discovery was not too worried about any of the riders in the break. CSC then started to real them in. However it was too late as the lead group had amassed a 20 minute advantage. From that point, George sat in the back of the lead group and covered all the attacks. In the end it came down a dual with Oscar Pereiro who was riding for the pride of Spain. George had the fresh legs and easily won the sprint to the finish. Amazing!

Meanwhile the race for the top of the GC played out in a similar fashion to yesterday's battle. The big blue train led Lance through the base of the penultimate climb. Then it came down to Lance, Ulrich and Basso. Basso attacked, Lance covered and Ulrich dropped. Rasmussen was not able to hang with the leaders but caught back up with Ulrich at the top of the climb. That moved Basso into second place but Rasmussen has three minutes on Ulrich for the last spot on the Podium. In the opening TT, Ulrich finished 2:06 ahead of Rasmussen a stage less than half the distance compared to the TT in Stage 20. It would seem that Ulrich still has a very good chance to get on the podium in Paris.

The tour claimed two more riders today.

One week to Paris!

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