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Monday, July 25, 2005
The Tour Day Twenty Three
It was the last day for the tour. All the jerseys were decided except for the Green. But Vino had other ideas. He need two seconds to move up one spot on the GC from 6th to 5th. And on the first sprint away went Vino. Levi's team covered as best as possible but they could only get one rider in front of Vino and Levi could not get by. That put them in a dead heat in the GC, but Levi held a 7/100th advantage.

Did I mention it was raining? Well this is important to note, as the tour officials called off the remaining sprint and their time values. Levi probably thought he had it sown up. Now the points for the Green Jersey was still on based on the places in the last sprint and the finish. But who was there going for the stage win? VINO! And he WON!! What a great effort. And to top it off the officials gave him 20 seconds for the stage win which vaulted him ahead of Levi in the GC. That was a fabulous end to the tour.

So Vino got the stage win. Lance got his unprecedented 7th Yellow. Popo got the White Jersey. Rasmussen the King of the Mountains. And Hushovd the Green. On the podium with Lance was Ullrich and Basso and it is amazing that these competitors could be such friends. Pereiro was awarded the most combative of the tour which I think should have gone to Vino myself, although Pereiro certainly was in the top 2!

And so ends an era. Viva Le Tour! Viva Lance!

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