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Thursday, August 25, 2005
IT Meltdown
Recently we had an IT meltdown at the homestead. We run the IT infrastructure on two Windows Servers a PDC and BDC. Each of these boxes has other jobs as well. The fiasco began when Fran started complaining that she could not get on the internet. I checked the usual suspects: the wireless access point; the router; and the cable modem; and I found them all to be in working order. The PDC was not responding however. Then I discovered that I could not hit the internet from my regular PC either which went through the router rather than the wireless. I quickly realized that I was not resolving any domain names.

The BDC was alive and should have taken over the DNS role from the PDC. Looking closer I realized that I had fatfingered the address of the ISP's DNS server. Problem solved.

However, the PDC would not boot at all. That was scary, because I have a bunch of stuff on the drives of that machine. The machine was powering up, but not even getting to the BIOS. This machine has dual P3 600 processors. So on a whim, I pulled one of the processors. Voila! The machine fired up! Then I swapped the processors and it still ran. But if I put them both in. Nothing.

After I zipped it all up and started it back up, I found that I could not hit the PDC on the network. Further investigation revealed that the NIC was bad. I have a boneyard in the attic. I pulled down a machine up there which had a half a gig of RAM and two NICS! I replaced the NIC and added all the RAM which puts the PDC now at almost a gig of RAM.

Finally joy!

I guess that the machine took a spike which knocked out the NIC and whatever component manages the dual processors.

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