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Monday, September 05, 2005
Dallas Texans White 95 Girls Dallas Update
I have not written much lately about Marissa's soccer team since she joined them. So there are quite a few things to note. First the name of her team is the rather wordy "Dallas Texans White 95 Girls Dallas". Second, the Everton team that offered her a contract, failed to make. Clearly we made the right choice.

The team entered their first tournament, The King Tut, shortly after signing. The results were not bad considering that this was a new team. They tied two teams and lost a 0-1 decision to Texas Spirit, a team coached by a guy Marissa played with a year ago. The worst part was losing 0-3 to Genesis, the team that cut Marissa after promising her a spot on the roster.

Next up for the Texan White 95 Girls Dallas team was the Lake Highlands Classic Qualifying tournament. This is the elite league and there are three divisions. The Texans were in a flight with three other teams. If they won their flight, then they would be in Division 1. If they finished second or third then they would play on to determine if they would be in Division 2 or Division 3. If they finished last, then they were out. They were seeded as the last team in the flight. They lost all three games and were out of the league. As a result they will play in the Plano Premier League which starts next weekend.

After the qualifying tournament, the girls played in the Andromeda Summer Classic tournament. Here they beat the Spirit team (2-1) that lost to in the in King Tut. Then they tied with another Texans Team (Dallas Texans Red 95 Girls West - to be exact). And they got hammered by Solar. Full results here.

This weekend the girls played in the Plano Labor Day tournament. They got beat badly by Solar. Then they played the Sting Team that they lost to in the Qualifying tournament (0-2). They played to a draw in the first half and gave up one goal with five minutes remaining in the game sadly losing 0-1 in a great effort. Their last game was against a team from Midland. This was a game where they controlled the ball the whole game, but their keeper stopped everything that came near her. We lost 0-2. Full results here.

So, in case you have not been keeping score that is 1 win, 9 loses, and 3 draws. Most of these games have been against teams that made the Lake Highlands league. The Spirit team that we split with, will be playing in our league, as will be the Everton team that we drew against. We have not played against any other teams in our league. The FC Texas team and the Dallas Texans team that we tied as well as the Sting team that we played closely all are in Lake Highlands Division 3.

Marissa has been playing very well in all of this and is enjoying the team. There are some photos here.

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