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Monday, September 05, 2005
Its all about the music
Or is it?

Fran got me an Ipod Mini for my birthday. This is one of the coolest things I own.

At first I was having problems ripping my CD's. I tried all the tweaks that I could and still the results were poor. Later I was doing something with a data CD when I got some errors. I finally realized that my CD Drive had taken a turn for the worst. I replaced it and ever since I have been on a CD Ripping Frenzy!

I have ripped everything in site. I have like 30 hours of music on the dang mini and it is only two thirds filled up! Unreal. I love the fact that I have all of this music on this little device and I can plug it in anywhere and jam away.

I love riding my motorcycle with the mini.

I love working out with the mini.

It is freaking amazing.

So, then, I also have this library that is building up on my file server at home. I really need a way to play that music directly on my stereo. Finally it hit me. The TIVO!!

I have a series two Tivo which supports home networks. Once you hook the Tivo up to your network then it supposedly can play MP3s from the server. So it turns out that there are only two wireless adapters which work with my particular Tivo unit. I pulled the trigger on a the Linksys WUSB11. I had to find version 2.8 of this model for it work. Thank god for eBay!

I love technology.

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