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Saturday, September 24, 2005
SuperBlue -7 Shooting Stars - 1
hurricane Rita's winds offered a bit of challenge in today's match. I thought it might be more of a factor than it really was. In the first quarter Logan played defense rather solidly. The girls jumped to a 3-0 lead. In the second quarter Logan played keeper. In a really amazing turn of events she decided to wear her keeper jersey rather than throw on one of Coach Don's pennies. The Stars played their best player at forward and she was quite an athlete. She got three breakaways. In the first one she put the ball up in the air and Logan stopped it with her face, then grabbed the ball and punted over the stars entire team. Our forwards took it down and scored. In the second breakaway this girl shot the ball low and Logan scooped it up and again punted the ball over their entire team. In the third breakaway, Logan had no chance, as their forward directed the shot into the corner of the goal. At the half the score was 5-1. Logan did not play in the third quarter. And in the fourth quarter she was back to defense.

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