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Saturday, September 17, 2005
Texans - 1, Texas Heat - 1
The ladies played a nice game today. They have started to use the space on the field to help them create opportunity.

The Heat attacked about 15 minutes into the game and were able to put one in the net on a very strange goal. Katie, our keeper, slowly came out of the goal while their forward dribbled the ball around her. It was a poor effort on our part.

About five minutes later the Texans went on the attack. Marissa got the ball to the right of the goal about twenty feet out and made a spectacular pass inside where Torri was waiting. Tie game.

At that point the coach, Joe, put in another defender and played for the tie. The girls had a couple of nice attacks, but were not successful in putting the ball in the net. The last two minutes we were on defense and they had several shots. I am glad we did not have a repeat of Monday.

Next up Two Touch!

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